Feb 15, 2007


I intend this blog to be "A Complete Idiot's Guide to the World of Cooking".
Wait did I get it wrong?
Should it be "An Idiot's Complete Guide to the World of Cooking"???

Well, whatever! You get the picture right? *Click* Thank you!

So, what will the posts look like? Definitely not like Nita Mehta's or Sanjeev Kapoor's cookery books. They will be more down to earth (my level re). Ingredients would have local/colloquial names or these would be furnished on request. Pictures speak a thousand words so I will try to put these up for reference too. Most times I am confused between dalchini and cinnamon not knowing they are the same thing or are they? What I also hope to achieve is to quantify quantities. What does "a cup of curd" mean? Which cup do I use? A "tablespoon of oil" anybody?

Anyway, I hope you stick by me in this journey of invigorating smells and heavenly tastes. Please step in, the ribbon is cut!

Disclaimer : This above is the Vision of this small enterprise of mine and cannot be achieved right from the start but one will definitely work towards it

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