Feb 15, 2013

Gori Kayi Curry- North Karnataka style

I happened to taste from my friend's lunch box what was lip smackingly delicious curry and requested him to bring me the recipe for it from his wife! I tried it out this Sunday and it did turn out delicious. It's a very simple dish to make.
Gori (pronounced as gory) Kayi (pronounced as kaayee) is the kannada name given to Cluster beans (pic shown below).

What you need to make Gori Kayi Curry
  • Cluster Beans - 1/4 Kilo
  • Carrots - 4

    The next ingredient turned out to be a toughie in terms of even naming it. I found five different variations of its name and I dont knw which is the right one. I will write below what we call it at home and anyone who knows is welcome to enlighten me for the better! This is an aromatic green leafy vegetable and contributes a unique taste to the dish its in.
  • Sapsige Soppu/ Dill (in english) - 4/5 strands
  • Thur Dal (type of lentil) - 1 cup (cup you would use for serving in a thali)
  • Mustard seeds - 2 tsp (spoon you would use to eat a piece of cake)
  • Cumin seeds - 2 tsp
  • Asafoetida - a pinch
  • Turmeric - 1/2 tsp
  • Red chillies - 2
  • Oil - 4 tsp (or maybe 6 if u like)
  • Salt
Preparation for making Gori Kayi Curry
  • Cut the Dill leaves and keep aside.
  • Cut the cluster beans and carrots into small pieces
  • Wash the Thur dal
  • Put the thur dal in one container.
  • Put the cluster beans and carrots into another container.
  • Pressure cook these
  • Remove from cooker and drain out all the excess water from both the vegetables and dal and keep aside the contents.
    Mash the dal a little more
Method to make Gori Kayi Curry
  • Take a heavy bottomed vessel and place it on stove.
  • Keeping the flame low add the oil into it. Wait till it becomes more than warm.
  • Add the mustard, cumin seeds, turmeric and asafoetida. Wait till mustard splutters.
  • Add the red chillies to this and allow it to fry in the mixture.
  • Put in the Dill leaves and sautee for a minute.
  • Add some water and allow it to cook on simmer till the dill leaves get cooked properly.
  • Add in the cooked vegetables into this.
  • Add in the mashed dal.
  • Add salt.
  • Allow everything to cook together for a while.

My fundas
  • I did not manage to get Dill leaves on a Sunday morning in the local market. I made this curry without it and it still comes out well. But it would be great with it.
  • This curry can be eaten with chapati/ roti/ bread. I ate it with rice+rasam and it was awesome!
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