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I am Siri, a mother of an independant minded daughter and wife to a laidback, will-eat-what-you-cook (not) husband who also happens to be my best friend. Between the two of them I do have a challenge to get my meal on time at the table and also be diverse enough to make them come back to my table everytime. My foray into cooking was not an easy one. I am not one of the lucky ones who could understand the chemistry of food making before they understood the physics behind inertia! Cooking to me came as a necessity when I moved to the US and I had to take charge of feeding the family. But I soon became adept at making most of the dishes I grew up eating. From there it has been a journey to discover new ideas and translate them into mouth watering dishes.

Baking was a different ball game altogether. My initial hesitant steps towards baking were terrifying but eventually I got my act together to understand measurements, temperatures and timing. Since then, its been a love affair. I love the smell emanating from the oven as the end product gets baked. And I only wait for a reason to use the oven.

I prefer home made meals to eating out and so does my family. Well, almost. The other day my husband made a snide remark on a social networking site about my obsession with eating at home that I might make soda and its sugary brown cousins also at home. You cannot imagine the jaw drop when I said I had a recipe for it :)

We are vegetarians so you would find only vegetarian / vegan / satvik recipes on my blog. Many of the south indian dishes are vegan by nature and it is easy to convert most of them to a satvik recipe
Feel free to contact me if you want me to test-prepare a recipe or if you would like a recipe for a particular dish.

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