Commonly used Ingredients

English Name : Bay Leaf
Hindi Name : Tej Patta
Kannada Name : Masala Yele
English Name : Beaten Rice
Hindi Name : Poha
Kannada Name : Avalakki
English Name : Black Pepper
Hindi Name : Kali Mirch
Kannada Name : Menasu
English Name : Red Chilly, Green Chilly, Red Chilly Powder
Hindi Name : Lal Mirch, Hari Mirch, Mirchi Powder :p
Kannada Name : Vona Menasinakayi, Hasi Menasinakayi, Menasinakayi Pudi
English Name : Cinnamon
Hindi Name : Dalchini
Kannada Name : Chakke
English Name : Clove
Hindi Name : Laung
Kannada Name : Lavanga
English Name : Dry Coconut
Hindi Name : Copra
Kannada Name : Vona Cobri
English Name : Fresh Coriander with some Coriander seeds
Hindi Name : Dhania Patta with Dhania
Kannada Name : Kothumbari Soppu with Kothumbari Beeja
English Name : Coriander seeds
Hindi Name : Dhania
Kannada Name : Kothumbari Beeja
English Name : Cumin Seeds
Hindi Name : Jeera
Kannada Name : Jeerige
English Name : Garlic
Hindi Name : Lahsun
Kannada Name : Bellulli
English Name : Green Gram
Hindi Name : Moong
Kannada Name : HesaraKalu
English Name : Groundnut
Hindi Name : Moongphali
Kannada Name : Kadlekayi
English Name : Jaggery
Hindi Name : Gud
Kannada Name : Bella
English Name : Split yellow Chickpeas
Hindi Name : Chana Dal
Kannada Name : Kadle Bele
English Name : Mace
Hindi Name : Javithri
Kannada Name :
English Name : Black Cardammom
Hindi Name : Kala Elaichi
Kannada Name : Dodda Yelakki
English Name : Fenugreek leaves with Fenugreek seeds
Hindi Name : Methi with Methi Dana
Kannada Name : Menthyada soppu with Menthya
English Name : Mustard Seeds
Hindi Name : Rai
Kannada Name : Sasive
English Name : Yellow Moong Beans
Hindi Name : Moong Dal
Kannada Name : Hesarbele
English Name : Puffed Chickpeas
Hindi Name : Dalia
Kannada Name : Hurugadle
English Name : Puffed Rice
Hindi Name : Kurmura/Murmura
Kannada Name : Kadlepuri
English Name : Rice
Hindi Name : Chawal
Kannada Name : Akki
English Name : Semolina/Cream of Wheat
Hindi Name : Rava
Kannada Name : Rave
English Name : Fennel Seeds
Hindi Name : Somph
Kannada Name : Dodda Jeera
English Name : Star Anise
Hindi Name : Badal Phool/Anasphal
Kannada Name : Hoovu
English Name : Tamarind
Hindi Name : Imli
Kannada Name : Hunsehannu
English Name : Yellow Lentils
Hindi Name : Toor Dal
Kannada Name : Thogari Bele
English Name : Turmeric Powder
Hindi Name : Haldi
Kannada Name : Arasina Pudi

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