Jul 27, 2011

A change of hearth

I have come a long way from the hectic life in Bangalore (I still refuse to call it Bengaluru for some silly adamant reason). A life full of work and kiddo balance to kitchen and kiddo balance. Gone are the days when the occasional chance to cook was pounced upon like an oasis in the desert. Now it is time to think about the next meal menu all the time. So far I have repeated a lot of my "been there done that" recipes which I had carefully blogged here (thank God!) and the family has been loving it. I am still miles away from knowing what my husband and daughter love to eat. Raw baby carrots work very well for my daughter right now and one glass of coffee for my husband keeps him in a saintly mood.
I will be posting new try-outs and recipes. Sit back, enjoy and then go cook :)
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