Feb 19, 2007

Nalagri (Sambar)

This is a very simple recipe for Nalagri.
Just do everything that you would do for making Rasam.


What you need to make Nalagri
  • 3-4 tsps Rice
  • 3 tsp Dhania (Coriander seeds)
  • 1/2 Coconut

Preparation for making Nalagri
  • Soak the rice for around 30 minutes or till the rice grains become soft to the touch (they should break easily).
  • Grate the coconut.
  • Put the rice (without water) , coriander seeds and grated coconut into a mixer and make a smooth paste of this. It will not be dry because of the coconut but you could add a little more water to this while grinding so that you get a smooth paste.

Method to make Nalagri
  • Do everything exactly that you would do for Rasam but right after adding the tomato and tamarind water, add the paste to it. Do the rest of the stuff as described in the Rasam recipe
  • Voila you have Nalagri

My fundas
  • I love to use pumpkin (kaddu?) in this along with black chana (chickpea) as vegetables. It really gels well with the taste.
  • Ladies finger (Bhindi/Bendekayi) also tastes very well in Nalagri.

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