Jan 11, 2013

Eggless Banana Oat Cookies - A sugar free munchy

I cant be quite wrong if I call myself oven-obsessed right now. Caseroles, lasagne, calzones, pizzas, buns, breads, muffins, cookies, anything that needs baking, I love to serve. This obsession coupled with a need to not use up tons of butter and sugar has led to a few experimentations in the kitchen. Not always perfect, but always satisfying my creative meanderings of the chef in me. T has come to accept my penchant to cook up stuff which is unheard of in our menu régulier. While V sniffs out and refuses anything she would not like to eat, my husband is not given much choice in the matter!
It has been a stressful week and the mood screamed for munches that would aid in winding down into the weekend. Throw in a healthy thought and out popped Oats. I also had on hand a couple of overtly over ripe bananas. There is something with us and bananas these days. They just dont sell. So I decided to use those and oats and make some cookies. While these cookies are not the regular comforting chocolate chip types, they help us completely avoid the twang of guilt when wolfing them down. They are chewier and make you feel fuller sooner.
Go ahead enjoy baking and eating these lovelies with no sugar, butter or flour added!

Eggless Banana Oat cookies with no sugar and no butter

Servings: Makes about 20 cookies (1.5 in diameter)
Prep Time: 15 minutes   Cook time : 15-30 minutes


2 Bananas preferably over ripe
1 tsp Vanilla essence
4 tsp Vegetable Oil (I used Canola)
1.5 cups Oats (I used organic old fashioned)
1/3 cup Almonds
1/3 cup Raisins
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Shredded Coconut (I used unsweetened organic but sweetened should give it a nice sweet flavour)
1 tsp Baking powder (I don't think this made much of a difference)
1/3 cup Coconut milk


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 F.
  2. Keep a cookie tray ready lined with parchment paper. 
  3. In a bowl mash the bananas using a fork to a nice mushy pulp. Add the vanilla essence and oil to it and whisk. 
  4. Grind the oats to a coarse powder (this could be finer if you need a smoother texture for the cookies)
  5. Gring the almonds to a coarse powder
  6. In a second bowl mix the powdered oats, powdered almonds, cinnamon, shredded coconut, salt and raisins. 
  7. Add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and whisk well.
  8. Take a dollop of the dough and drop it onto the cookie sheet and pat on it to flatten a bit. 
  9. Place the cookies an inch apart on the sheet. 
  10. Bake in the oven for around 15 minutes or till the bottom of the cookies start to brown. Here I must say mine took nearly 30 mins and it would definitely differ between ovens. So keep a watch out after 15 minutes. 

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