Aug 31, 2011

Bread ka Meetha

Hurricane Irene left in its wake a humongous food collection in my kitchen. One major contender was the humble bread. Today happened to be Gowri festival (one part of the Gowri-Ganesha habba) so I decided to take the opportunity to reduce the inventory a little by making the prasadam using bread. I am christening it Bread ka Meetha :)
Its a sweeet dish but you can look forward to a lesser sweet variant in my fundas at the end of the recipe. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

What you need to make Bread ka Meetha
  • Bread - 6 slices (Brown/White)
  • Milk - 1/2 litre
  • Sugar - 8 heaped tsps
  • Ghee - 6 tsps
  • Almonds (Badam)- few
  • Cashewnuts (Kaju, Godambi)- few
  • Dry Raisins (Kishmish, Vona Drakshi) - few
  • Cardomon (Elaichi, Yelakki) - 1 pod (optional, I did not use it)
Preparation to make Bread ka Meetha (Time : 2 mins)
  • Remove the crust from around the bread
Method to make Bread ka Meetha (Time : 20 mins)
  • Boil milk in a heavy bottomed kadhai. After one boil add the sugar to it and continue simmering it till it reduces to half.
  • In the meantime, deep fry the cashewnuts and almonds in ghee and keep aside
  • Shallow fry the bread pieces in ghee till golden brown (in case of brown bread it would be more of a reddish hue)
Shallow frying bread with ghee was a revelation. The bread pieces soak in ghee extremely fast. So I suggest you pour a tsp of ghee around the bread after placing it on a tawa or pan. This way you would use less ghee and actually make it less caloried!
  • Break each fried bread slice into 4 pieces
  • Once the milk is condensed to half the quantity, add the fried bread pieces and fried nuts to it.
  • Continue to simmer till the bread softens.
  • Bread ka meetha is ready :)
My fundas
  • Toasting bread pieces and adding them to milk is a lower caloried way of making this dish. It would still be very tasty to eat. You could add 1-2 tsp of ghee to the boiling milk to get an equivalent rich impact.

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